Ron Whetung




Ron Whetung was born in Peterborough, Ontario and grew up in the Mississaugas of the Curve Lake First Nation. He graduated from Lakefield College School, attended Trent University and moved to Toronto where he accepted a position as assistant to the administrator of Employment and Economic Development at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. He later attended Ryerson University and completed his Real Estate License in 1985. In 1990, he started Whetung Construction and became a builder of homes and commercial properties. In 2004, he began consulting in business development and finance on various projects and political campaigns.

Ron has joined various boards and councils and recently completed a board position as a third term director for the Canadian Canoe Museum.

Ron is an active member of his community, and as a proud supporter of his First Nations Heritage, he has been a director for the Curve Lake First Nation Economic Development Corporation, a volunteer for the regional hospital and the local school board, a sponsor of local sports teams, a donor to various charities, and he regularly attends local and national events. In 2015 Ron participated in the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games as a torchbearer in the relay that ignited the largest multi-sports event ever held in Canada.

Ron is providing sponsorship in the foster child program through Plan Canada.

Together, Ron and his family have had the good fortune of travelling the world and experiencing world culture.

Q: The Government of Canada (GOC) and the majority of it’s citizens are the “have” and the Indigenous First Nations in it’s entirety are the “have nots,” despite the Treaties that promised to share the land and all that it had to offer. Today Canadians are learning that the IFN have been abused, cheated, marginalized and largely written out of our history books. This is the truth! And the truth is that the Government was trying to eliminate the IFN all together. Instead of sharing with the IFN the GOC chose to make them wards of the State and then systematically began to take their land and eventually in the 1960’s “White Paper” labelled the IFN the “Indian problem.” History shows that the majority of Canadians were ignorant to this fact and believing the IFN to be nothing more than a drain on their tax dollars; and that is not the truth because entitlement has been mis-appropriated at all levels of Government and not transferred Nation to Nation as agreed. The GOC in its role as trustee has become the benefactor in a fraud that has left INF impoverished, by taking their land and taking over control of all it’s resources. The GOC has recently commissioned Truth and Reconciliation in an effort to improve relationships with the Indigenous First Nations (IFN) of Turtle Island and if the truth is to be told and now my two part question is: Will the Government educate it’s citizens on the fraud that it has committed by failing to honour the Treaties and stop the lingering practices of assimilation, genocide and neglect that have forced poverty in IFN communities and finally, will the GOC restore a Nation to Nation relationship to help improve socio-economic outcomes for IFN?



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