Rice Lake Canoes
(Dan Herald, Rice Lake Canoe Co.)


[Rice Lake Canoe Co. Logo] Daniel Herald came to Canada from Ireland in the days of sail, and settled in the early 1850’s at Gore’s Landing on Rice Lake north of Cobourg, Ontario.

He had apprenticed as a shipwright in the Old Country and turned this skill to advantage about 1862 when sportsmen began to look for canoes and other small craft to hunt and fish on Rice Lake. He built steamboats, too, and showed his eye for innovation and design when he conceived the “Herald Patent” double-cedar canoe, still considered one of the most beautiful styles of canoe ever built. In 1880 he formed a partnership with John Hutchison, another skilled carpenter and boat builder, also from Gore’s Landing. This[Daniel Herald - founder of Rice Lake Canoes] arrangement endured until 1890 when Herald was killed in a train accident at Cobourg. In the years following, Herald’s sons Frank and Will carried on the canoe business under the name “Herald Bros.” In 1899, the brothers changed their business name to “Rice Lake Canoe Co.” in an effort to associate themselves more particularly with the name their father had established generally. The Herald canoes were last built on Rice Lake circa 1920 before the business was sold to a furniture manufacturer from Rochester, N.Y. who had a set up a factory nearby in Cobourg on Lake Ontario.