Molly Raffan



As the offspring of a tried and true canoehead, the canoe, paddling and the outdoors has always been a fact of life, rather than a hobby. Growing up in a household with a firm zero-gas-powered-watercraft policy made all four seasons, as a kid on Cranberry Lake in Seeley’s Bay, an adventure that has shaped my path through life. After completing an undergrad and five subsequent years of working at Trent University, I brought my Canoe and B.Ed. Degree back to Kingston, where I currently work as an educator in the Queen’s residence life office. Throughout my travels, both for work and for play, water and the feeling of freedom that comes with that first dip of my paddle have always been an element of where I go and what I do. Though far from skilled, the motions, respect and appreciation for what the canoe represents is woven into the fabric of who I am. The Connected by Canoe Journey is an opportunity for me to paddle alongside my dad, connect with people, learn new things, and be a part of something bigger.