Homeschool Wednesdays

Experience hands-on workshops designed for homeschoolers!

Reserve your spot online, or for more information, contact Victoria Veenstra, Education Assistant, by phone at 705-748-9153 ext. 218 or by email at


Wed Oct 4: Voyageur Canoe

Get out on the water one last time before the cold comes in our 33-foot Voyageur Canoe! Paddle together along the canal and up the Liftlock National Historic Site. Learn to work as a group to steer the great canoe in the Voyageur tradition. PFDs worn at all times within 15 ft of water's edge. ORCKA and Bronze Crosss-certified staff. No previous paddling experience necessary.

*Drop-off/Pick-up at Liftlock National Historic Site.*

Age 7+, 10:00-12:30, $16

Parents welcome to participate at full program cost. 


Explore the ancient tradition of painting on water. Print your designs on paper, leather and wood for unique take-homes.

Age 8+ 10:00-1:30, $17

Wed DEC 6: Blanket Mittens

Make a pair of adult, youth or child-sized blanket mittens for yourself or a holiday gift. Needle felt, cut and shape, and embroiderie stitch wool mittens. Explore our artisan gallery and discover the historical context of the trade blankets of the fur trade.  

Age 9+, 10:00-1:30, $24

Wed Jan 10: Leather Bags

Craft a leather keepsake pouch and a treasure to go inside. Try your hand at beading, making leather lacing, and learning a specialized leather stitch to create your one-of-a-kind mini-bag. 

Age 9+, 10:00-1:30, $24

wed feb 7: qulliq soapstone Carving

A new experience of our popular soapstone carving program: carve a small qulliq, or soapstone oil lamp, from the Inuit tradition. 

Age 8+, 10:00-12:00, $16

Wed April 11: Canoe Paper arts

Make your own paper from scratch using scraps, rags, bark and other natural materials. Explore canoe imprints, birch bark paper and more!

Age 8+, 10:00-1:30, $17

Wed May 9: Limberjacks

Build your own limberjack toy from scratch, and give him/her a costume, hair, and more. Woodworking, fabric arts and music all in one program - there will be a live fiddler to give your new creations a reason to dance!  

Age 7+, 10:00-1:30, $50

Wed June 6: Umiak paddling

The umiak is the traditional community boat of the Inuit - originally made of seal or walrus skin on a driftwood frame. Paddle our replica umiak down from the Liftlock to Rogers Cove and paint a mini-paddle on shore. 

Age 7+, 10:00-1:00, $18