Goh Iromoto



I’m a director and cinematographer from Toronto, Ontario.  The focus of my work is to create a sense of connection, and often inspiration. I love nothing more than being able to get out and capture images that have the ability to make people feel something.

In recent years, I’ve been honoured and blessed with being awarded by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers for my nature film We Belong To It in 2016, with another nomination in 2017 for the nature film The Path of Grey Owl. My latest project, The Canoe was also recently featured by National Geographic’s short film showcase and Adventure publication.

My partner Courtney Boyd and I work together as a production team duo, and have had the opportunity to travel together on many adventures. We both look forward to being part of this journey and to further explore the power of the canoe and its ability to connect people. You can see more of our works at www.gohiromoto.com