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Connected by Canoe Express Leg Paddlers

Stacey Arppe

What are the paddler’s responsibilities when it comes to engagement of aboriginal communities through which we travel? Learn More

Bill Buxton

How can we (re)conciliate when we were never conciliated in the first place
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Glen Caradus

About reconciliation:  How do you go deeper? Learn More

Chuck Commanda

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Chris Cunningham

Will we ever wake up to do something about climate change? Learn More

Jessica Fleury

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Paul Gervan

Can the battle to save nature and our children and grandchildren not bring Canadians together?Learn More

Shaelyn Hoffman-Menard

What are we doing right, in every way—what are we going to keep, going forward?Learn More

Stephen Hunter

How do we [indigenous people] share our traditional values, our culture, our ways, in a way that connects with the rest of the world? Learn More

Carolyn Hyslop

How does the museum design team engage all of the Founding Communities from which the craft in the Canadian Canoe Museum collection originate?
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Goh Iromoto

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Micaela May

What should I, as a born-again Christian, do to play a positive role in reconciliation? Learn More

Larry McDermott

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Lynn McIntyre

How do we foster a better sense of belonging in our society? Learn More

Bill Morris

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Erick Mugisha

Apart from education, what is Canada doing to ensure protection of people and nature?Learn More

Ken Powell

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James Raffan

What will a reconciled Canada look like? Learn More

Molly Raffan

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Jacob Rodenburg

How do we raise kids to be engaged caring stewards of the natural world and how can the canoe help achieve that? Learn More

Lisa Rochon

How do we achieve equality between men and women? Learn More

Gary Running

Why do humans not practise what they preach? Learn More

Lynne Underhill

How do we foster a better sense of belonging in our society? Learn More

Kristen Ungungai-Kownak

What can we do to create a better relationship between the North and the South? Learn More

Ron Whetung

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Coleman Williams

How can we have reconciliation if we are not honouring our treaty rights? 
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