Chris Cunningham



Chris Cunningham is a lifelong canoe tripper and a proud member of the Wanapitei paddling community. Hi is retired from an active business career. He is looking to paddling the Clarke River in Nunavut this summer.

Q: Will we ever wake up to do something about climate change? 

A: My canoemates listened to each other and we got to confront some some pretty serious shit.

We dissolved ourselves, our lives, our importance.

We paddled, we paddled,we were paddlers, that's who we were.

Unconsciously, in the boat, we became a team.

And that's when the discussion started, and never ended. Masterfully concocted by you.

Climate change, that was my entry into the conversation.

I have nothingto say that hasn't been said.,

Five years ago, I would have felt imposing on some one to express my views,

now I feel it's my duty. I'm afraid it will take a catastrophe to wake the world.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.