Adult Workshops

Have you always wanted to carve your own paddle? Do you have a canvas-covered canoe that needs new canvas? Have you always wanted a traditional HBC blanket coat? You should take a workshop!

Spend a day, or two, learning traditional skills. Meet interesting people and work with your hands in a relaxed setting with experienced, supportive, knowledgeable instructors. You’ll leave the workshop feeling positive and proud of your finished product. You’ll be inspired from a day of using your hands and learning about the history of what you’re doing. You’ll have a new appreciation for your own creativity and talents – things you might not have known you had!

The Museum has a wide variety of workshops appealing to all tastes. New classes added every year. Whether you’re interested in woodworking, weaving, leatherwork, sewing, or simply learning a new skill, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Find out more on workshop dates, availability, and how to register on the workshop pages below.


Make a Beaded Leather Pouch

With the guidance of an expert beading instructor you'll start the workshop by tracing and cutting out your 2" by 3" pouch using traditional smoked, brain-tanned deerskin.

Carve a Canoe Paddle

Book your spot early - this workshop fills quickly! Create your own custom carved and sanded paddle. Go home with all varnishing supplies to see it complete.

Bead a Rosette

Learn the basics of beading. Complete your own beautiful beaded rosette in this fun workshop. Learn tricks and tips from a knowledgeable, expert instructor. Work with colourful beads in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Learn to Bead on a Loom

Learn the skill of beading on a loom in this fun new workshop. Spend the day in the Museum’s Preserving Skills Gallery working with colourful seed beads. Learn from an experienced bead artist. Begin the day by designing a unique pattern.

Create a Wet-Felted Scarf

This workshop is an introduction to the wet felting technique. We begin with merino wool roving and create our own unique textile by adding water, soap and friction. Participants will learn how to layer, attach cords, and how to mix fibres to create different colour effects. We also explore the use of pre-felts to achieve distinct patterns in our felted pieces. Spend the day learning from a knowledgeable local artisan and leave with your own one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art!

Weave a Pair of Snowshoes

Try your hand at snowshoe weaving in this much-requested workshop. Expert instructors, with hundreds of kilometers of testing under their belt (they really know their snowshoes) will guide you through the workshop.

Make Winter Moccasins

Make your own pair of traditional, knee-high, deerskin and canvas, or full leather, winter moccasins in only two days! These are the warmest, lightest and coziest style of winter footwear you’ll probably ever own.

Hand Cane Canoe Seats

Want to re-create a set of authentic, hand-caned seats for your cedar-canvas canoe? Want to add some character and charm to your Kevlar canoe? This workshop is for you.

Wood and Canvas Canoe Restoration

This workshop sold out quickly in 2013, so sign up fast! Learn how to re-canvas a wood and canvas canoe. Learn to perform basic structural repairs (ex. replacing a rib or repairing damaged planking).

Carve a Kayak Paddle

Carve your own Greenland-style kayak paddle! Begin the workshop by determining what length of kayak paddle suits you best. Learn to use traditional hand tools in the Museum’s Preserving Skills Gallery with the help of supportive, expert instructors.

Weave a Pack Basket

You can add the perfect blend of tradition and function to your camping gear with this reed-rendition of a traditional pack basket. Spend the day learning basketry techniques from experienced instructors in the Museum's Preserving Skills Gallery.

Make a Wampum Bracelet

New for 2014! In this half-day workshop, you'll make a gorgeous three row bracelet. Colours of your choice. High-quality leather and beads. Learn from an expert instructor and go home wearing your beautiful bracelet! Register Now! For more information,...

Build a Wanigan

A wanigan is a wooden box that holds kitchen supplies on a canoe trip. Build this unique piece of camping equipment with the help of knowledgeable instructors. Learn the basics of harness making and sew your own tumpline.